ComplyDQ FAQ’s


What is ComplyDQ?

ComplyDQ is a simple and affordable way to help insure that you and your company are DOT compliant with your Driver Qualification files. Our easy-to-use online offering stores your documents and provides reminders when files need to be updated. We also make it really easy to on-board new drivers by enabling you to send out requests directly to them to update forms. Those forms automatically update in the system without them having to log-in and you having to chase the files down.

How Does It Work?

ComplyDQ was built with simplicity in mind.

  • Step One: Sign-up at https://admin.complydq.com
  • Step Two: Fill out your company profile
  • Step Three: Look at the Documents section and either use the documents we’ve provided and/or use those or add your own
  • Step Four: Add Employees
  • Step Five: Either upload the documents you already have to the Employee’s (Driver's) profile or send a request of the needed documents to the Employee

Please check out our overview training video to see how quick and simple it is to get going.

How Much Does ComplyDQ Cost?

ComplyDQ is free to sign up and play around in. Pricing is very simple and based on the number of Employees in the system. There are no costs until you add an Employee (Driver). There are no costs for Admins and you can have as many as appropriate, however if an Admin is also acts as an Employee where you’ll need to have DQ files, you’ll need to add them as an Employee. Please see pricing here: http://complydq.com/#pricing

What is the Dashboard and How is it Used?

The dashboard is the main view of all your Employees in ComplyDQ. Once you add an Employee you will see their name(s) and whether they have the appropriate files on record. Until you load, or the Employee uploads their documents all boxes will be Red. If there is a green circle next to their name this means all their required files are in place. If there is a red dot next to their name, it means there is at least one file missing or expired.

  • Green Box- File is in place and up-to-date
  • Red Box- File is missing or expired
  • Yellow Box- File is upcoming, meaning it will be expiring soon
  • Orange Box- Action Required, meaning that the file needs an updated expiration date
  • NR- Means the document is not required for that Employee

How Do I Add Employees?

You can add Employees by clicking on the “Add Employee” button or by clicking on the Employee tab on the left-hand side. You can easily send out all the documents you need from the Employee there or upload them yourself if you already have the files. Please see our training video for more information. Please see our Overview Training Video to get started. If you would like more details on setting up employees view our Employee Video.

Where Do I Add Drivers?

Drivers are “Employees”, please see “How Do I Add Employees”

Where Do I Add Company Documents?

You can add documents either by hitting the “Add Documents” button on your dashboard or by clicking on the Documents tab on the left-hand side. Please see our Overview Training Video or for more detailed information on adding and working with documents please see our Documents Video.

Where Do I Add Documents for the Employee?

If you already have the files needed, once an employee is added, on the Dashboard (home screen) you can click on the colored box under the file name and easily upload a file for your employee right there.

If you want the employee to add files, you can go send them out when right on their profile page when you add the employee to the system. If you want to do this later, just hit edit on their profile, scroll down and click the files you want to send them and have the employee send the files directly into the system.

Did ComplyDQ Supply All the Necessary DQ Documents?

ComplyDQ has all the required (and a few more) DQ file holders in place. We have supplied some e-forms as well as some generic documents for you to use. You should discuss with your legal team to make sure these documents are appropriate for your organization. Some documents have “No Attachment” next to them. This means you need to supply/upload the appropriate documents from your organization. Please see the Documents training video for more information.

What Are E-Forms?

E-Forms are a simple way to create documents for your employees to fill out so that they don’t have to download a document from you. ComplyDQ also gives you the ability for the driver to e-sign. We’ve created a few for you to use. Feel free to use what we’ve create, edit, and/or create your own for your files. Please see the Documents training video for more information. To lean more see our Documents Video.

Do My Drivers/Employees Need to Log Into ComplyDQ?

No, not unless the driver is also an administrator. The driver’s interaction will all be through the emails they receive directly from the system where they can simply upload/down documents or fill out an e-form directly from that email. That information goes right in and updates the system for you.

How Do I set Reminders?

In the documents section, we have set default reminder times for all the files that have expiration dates. The admin can change any of these to their liking.

What Happens Once a Reminder is Set?

Once a reminder is set an email will go out to the specified person or persons on the specific time frame prior to a files expiration. There is no need for you to send an email yourself, the system will do it for you.

How Do I Put in a Document’s Issued and Expiration Dates?

  • For the Employee to Enter- In the Documents Tab, you can check to ask the Employee to enter in the issued and expiration date for any file that is asked of them. As a default any file that has a reminder associated with it has the ask the employee for the Expiration Date checked as a default.
  • Admin Manually Uploading- If the admin manually uploads a document that requires an expiration date, once the document is uploaded the system will ask for an expiration date before they can exit. Simply click on the date next to the Expiration Date and a calendar will pop up for the Admin to select the date. (This is the same for entering in an Issued Date).

*Note, with the image below- For CDL’s if the expiration date is different than the expiration date in the Employee’s Profile we’ll alert you.


As the Admin, Once the File is in the System From the Driver, Do I Need to Do Anything?

It is always recommended that you make sure what the driver submitted is accurate and what you’ve asked for. If there is an expiration or reminder tied to the document, you should confirm that it is correct.

How Do I Send My Drivers the Documents to Fill Out?

You can send the required documents directly through ComplyDQ. They will receive the documents via email to the email address associated with the Employee. To send them a document you can a) go into the Employee profile by clicking on their Name->Edit-> then check the boxes for the files you’d like to send OR b) you can go into the Documents tab -> click on the specific document you’d like to send -> click the Employee tab at the top -> then select the employee by checking the box next to their name -> hit save and an email with instructions for the employee to upload a file will go out to them. Please see our training videos for more info.

How do I Know My Employees Have Sent in Their Files?

As the admin you’ll receive an email when a file is uploaded.

What if I a File is Not Applicable to My Company or Employee?

If a file is not required such as a HazMat Cert because you don’t haul any Hazardous Materials, you simply click on that that file box next to the employees’ name and check Not Required in the pop-up box.

What does “Custom” Renewal Mean?

A Custom Renewal simply means there is a specific date in which the document expires.

What Happens when I delete an Employee (driver)?

If you want to pay a 1-time fee of $5 the Employee’s file will be there for you to view at any time. There will be no reminders associated with this Employee going forward and you cannot update their files.

How Long Should I Keep My Files?

Note- these are always subject to change and you should defer to the FMCSA’s regulations for the most detailed and up-to-date information, but some basic guidelines include:

  • Driver Qualification files - for as long as the driver I employed and for 3 years thereafter
  • Within the driver qualification files, the following items may be removed after 36 months:
    • MVR associated with the annual review
    • Certificate of violations
    • Annual review
    • Medical examiners certificate
    • National registry note
    • MVR associated with the medical card
  • Accident register – 3 years
  • Negative drug test results – 1 year
  • Positive drug test results – 5 years

What is Driving Compliance? Why Are Emails Coming from There?

ComplyDQ is a product as part of our Driving Compliance suite. We will continue to grow out our offering with other solutions. As an example, IFTA Plus is one of our products that has been in market since 2008.

What is IFTA Plus?

IFTA Plus is the fastest and easiest way to manage and prepare your IFTA Tax forms. It is like TurboTax® for your IFTA taxes.  Learn more here.